Enchanted Books in Minecraft

Little did I know that I would be competing with Minecraft, the online game that is sometimes called virtual LEGO. The “Enchanted Book” was introduced to the game in 2012, which happens to be the current version when I started a Minecraft Meetup with my son.

When I search Google for Enchanted Book the first link is the Minecraft wiki, which recounts the entire history of  Enchanted Books. They were released in v.1.4.6 (12w49a), which included the following fixes:

Enchanted books added. Their enchantments can be applied to any item.

MC-2504 – Enchant cannot enchant with ID 0 (Protection)
MC-3332 – You don’t hear the xp sound you get every 5 levels
MC-3490 – Minecarts and falling entities flickering / jittering (updated 1.4.5)
MC-3501 – Passsive mob spawn eggs don’t consume
MC-3565 – Endermen don’t open their mouth when attacked by other mobs
MC-4069 – Pressing F3+B displays hitboxes.. rendering invisibility potions useless
MC-4117 – wither can sometimes destroy its own star due to the posthumous detonation of wither skulls.

Gotta love geek-speak.

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