Super Fans & Emotional Agility

It looks like the crowdfunding at Kickstarter has leveled off and I may not reach the $24,000 goal this time. Not to worry! The world wide web is here to help.

AmyJoKim-superfansThanks to telepresence, I was able to receive direct and practical advice from two distinguished women, Amy Jo Kim and Susan David, this morning. Amy Jo was the guest on a brilliant webinar about developing and nurturing “super fans” for testing the validity of a business idea.

Directly and with generosity, she told me that I need to listen to and learn from people (instead of pitching and selling my product). At this point, it is not about me and the Enchanted Book. My mission is to come up with a hypothesis about my project and its value proposition; then I can ask potential super fans about how they are currently keeping their cherished memories together.

Immediately after the webinar, Product Hunt—a curated website that lists mobile apps, websites, and technology products—hosted a live chat with the author of Emotional Agility, Susan David. Again, I was grateful to have connected with and received personal advice from an accomplished woman. Time for grit… and gratitude. Thank you both.

SusanDavid-gritQuit@mcgrawbridget – You have followed something that you believe in. There is so much dignity in that!

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