#TruthIsBeauty ≠ #Controversy

TTruth is Beautyhe intersection of women’s bodies and politics has entered the news again. This time, a recent addition to the San Francisco Bay Area’s holdings of public sculpture: Truth is Beauty. She was officially celebrated at an inaugural lighting ceremony in San Leandro, CA on October 18th, 2016.

Emotions ran high that evening. Some journalists reported controversy. That’s not my point. For me, a poignant moment came to light when a few young people from SLED (San Leandro Education Development) showed me their kiosk that houses a We Imagine a World, a website “devoted to speaking up about women’s safety and being the storytellers/voices for women who have experienced sexual violence.”

Not only do they fully comprehend the promise of recorded voices, but they also understood the Enchanted Book’s mission to capture the essence of an event with people’s voices.

Sled Youth Kiosk



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